I arrived just in time for the festival of San Roque. Camera, dictaphone and sketchbook in hand I headed towards the centre. Hoards of people wearing neckerchiefs were moving in the same direction. The atmosphere was exciting – couples held one other and danced to melodies played from a bandstand, stalls full of food cluttered the streets. A medieval market surrounded an old church and people strolled about in traditional attire. Sat amidst the action was a giant character resembling that of a teacup crossed with a bowling pin wearing a blue hat.

Was this Saint Roque I wondered?

Everywhere you looked there were costumes and music.

As the evening went on and the crowds grew, I noticed most were heading towards the town hall, I decided to follow and made it just in time to hear the chupinazo, which signaled the beginning of the festivities. A brass band began to play and hundreds of people of all ages continued to celebrate together. Later that evening free concerts and fireworks lit up the promenade.

What an incredible start to my visit here.

San RoqueTown Hall CrowdDancers