Fecha límite 10th March 2013

East Street Arts (una organización basada en Leeds, Inglaterra) y pocagallery ofrecen la oportunidad a un artista basado en Leeds de trabajar en pocagallery durante 4 semanas, para desarrollar un nuevo projecto o experimentar con nuevas ideas. Más detalles en inglés:

East Street Arts is pleased to offer a Leeds-based artist the opportunity to work at pocagallery (Portugalete, Spain) for up to 4 weeks to research, develop a project or experiment with new ideas. The residency also offers an ideal opportunity to explore and network with the artistic scene of Bilbao.
The selected artist will be invited to work in the gallery for the duration of the residency in whichever way suits their work best, as a closed private studio or an open studio where the public will be able to access the work in progress. The artist is requested to share his/her experience during the time in Spain in the gallery’s blog and he/she will have the opportunity to present the work developed in the form of an artist talk or exhibition back in Leeds hosted by East Street Arts.

What the residency covers
A bursary of £250 for travel expenses. Free studio and accommodation for up to 4 weeks. Please note, although someone will be available as a main point of call, pocagallery is unstaffed and run by Hondartza Fraga, who is based in Leeds, therefore the invited artist will have single-handed access to the workspace.

What the artist needs to cover
Travel expenses within Spain. Materials. Living expenses. A deposit of £100 that will be refunded at the end of the residency.

The final dates will be arranged with the selected artist but the residency must take place within the period May-August 2013.

How to apply
This opportunity is open to any artist working in Leeds. To apply please send an email with your contact details, a short statement about your work and a brief paragraph explaining your interest and plans for the residency (200 words each). Please include up to 2 images of your work or a link to your website. Please send the application to Hondartza Fraga

About pocagallery
pocagallery is a project by Hondartza Fraga: a new gallery and studios of contemporary art in Portugalete, Basque Country, for dissemination, collaboration and exchange of local and international artists. The gallery and studios are situated in the centre of Portugalete, at 5 minutes walk from the stop ‘Abatxolo’ (line 2 of Metro Bilbao.) 
and 20 minutes by metro from the center of Bilbao. C/ Abatxolo No.5 (Lonja) Portugalete 48920
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About Portugalete
Portugalete is a town to the west of the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country, northern Spain. The town has approximately 50,000 inhabitants; it is the fifth-most densely populated municipality in Spain. The town has the famous transporter bridge, El Puente de Vizcaya (familiarly known as ‘El Puente Colgante’, the hanging bridge). The car ferry is suspended from a frame by wires attached to wheels on tracks above the cabin and moves from one side of the River Nervión to the other via a traction system. The bridge was declared a World Heritage Site on 2006.
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Fully furnished and equipped apartments at a short 5-minute walk from the gallery. The apartment comprises of an open plan kitchen/living area, a double bedroom and bathroom.
Calle Abatxolo, 21
48920 PORTUGALETE (Bizkaia)