22 TO 30 DECEMBER 2012
OPEN WEDNESDAYS TO SATURDAYS 11:30 – 14:00 | 17:30 – 20:30

Paisajes de Fondo (Landscapes of Deep) is the first exhibition of pocagallery. It includes works on paper by Hondartza Fraga and Carla Moss. The exhibition presents landscapes that act as background to narratives which are not always present, passing, remote or imagined landscapes. The works also explore and question landscape itself as a constructed image and filled with meanings, emotional and personal as well as cultural and collective meanings.

The occasion also hosts the launch of the gallery and the presentation of the book of poems Globos Y Anclas (Balloons and Anchors) by Carola Cerrato and which includes illustrations by Hondartza Fraga. Opening Night Saturday 22nd December from 7pmCarola will read some extracts from her book from 8pm.

Hondartza Fraga works mostly in drawing, animation and video. Her interests lay mainly in the distances that separate and relate us with the world: physical, cultural, emotional and imagined distances; but also other type of uncertain distances that escape definition and measurement. Amongst the recurrent images in her work are broken, outdated or imaginary maps, anonymous or unrecognisable landscapes, beached whales… Objects and characters that evoke ideas of journey, of adventure, of the unknown, are trapped in the domestic environment, or have lost their origin or path, misplaced or displaced.

The work of Carla Moss explores mainly our relationship with our environment, our impact over it and its impact over us. The beauty and mystery in the vastness of this theme from a philosophical, historical, spiritual and physical perspective offers Carla an endless source of inspiration. Her work is impulsed by the making process itself, beginning with an observation or experience. Her interest has taken her to visit places such as the Aral Sea basin of Kazakhstan, a shrinking sea since the rivers that feed it where diverted for irrigation, the Aral Sea is the protagonist of the painting series ‘Ships in the Desert’.

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